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Making overseas school tours accessible to all students

Student Horizons is guided by a single-minded vision to enrich the lives of young people.

Whether it is through sports, education, or music tours, Student Horizons fosters personal development through unforgettable travel experiences. To ensure that each student explores their potential to the fullest, Student Horizons provides a safe environment in which each child is given guidance in one hand, and freedom to explore and discover in the other. Student Horizons provides innovative tailored activities that suit each individual.

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Our Tours

Music tours

Taking your school orchestra, band or choir on an overseas tour is a fantastic way to develop the musical talent of students, build stronger ensembles and to take your performance to the next level. Student Horizons has great relations with schools and organisations across the world and are well positioned to ensure that students are given the best possible opportunity to develop their musical skills.

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Educational tours

Expose your students to the fast moving world of Wall Street and bring the business textbook to life; inspire them to pursue their dreams of playing in the orchestra through performances at internationally renowned concert venues.

Whatever subject you teach, we will tailor-make your tour, engaging and inspiring your students like never before. Bring your students on an educational tour that will change their lives forever.

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Sports tours

With thousands of schools across the globe, finding one with a sports team that can give your students a competitive game is frustratingly time consuming.

Through strategic global partnerships, we are able to match your sport teams with schools of the same calibre. This ensures that their time overseas is worthwhile and their skills as a sportsperson is developed over the course of the sports tour.

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A new face for Student Horizons

When Jamie and Brooke started Student Horizons six years ago, they could never have predicted how far this company would come. From their very first year in business, they have been delivering unforgettable experiences for hundreds of students, teachers and supporters from Australia and New Zealand.

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Explore America's West Coast as the perfect rugby destination

In April, Rangitoto College of Auckland departed on their USA Rugby Tour with their Student Horizons Representative, Ben. Before they’d even left home, the group hit an unexpected hurdle, with bad weather causing flight delays and cancellations out of Auckland.

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Why choose us?

Shared responsibility

When students travel internationally, their adventurous spirit can sometimes lead them to risky situations. Without proper preventative measures in place, the results can be disastrous.

By having numerous risk prevention measures in place and extensive risk assessments completed on international ground handlers, we are happy to share the responsibility of keeping your students safe during their overseas school tour.

Customised itineraries

Bring your students on a school tour that exposes them to experiences which develop their skills and interests in their chosen subject.

Whether you’re looking to organise international sports tours, music tours, subject specific educational tours or student volunteer expeditions, we can create customised itineraries based on your requirements.

Exclusive fundraising Tools

Fundraising can be a long and arduous process if you’re limited to sausage sizzles and car washes.

Tour with us and gain access to exclusive fundraising tools that increase the effectiveness of your fundraising activities.

Reach your target faster while having more fun with our tools today.