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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand"
Confucius (551–479 BC) - Chinese Teacher and Philosopher

The team at Student Horizons can all empathise with Confucius' philosophy on experiential learning. Our crew of educated, well travelled individuals can all recount with passion on their personal learnings from overseas travel experiences. We aim to positively influence the next generation of young people  by developing their awareness of the wider world and helping them define their role within it.

A few faces of the Student Horizons World Class Management Team

StudentHorizons JamieStudentHorizons biog Tanzania
Travel photo: A successful mid winter summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with my wife, Brooke.
An achievement my wife and I will never forget.
Jamie Wansey – Owner / Managing Director


Student Horizons is led by Jamie Wansey, who has extensive experience in international, student group travel. Over the last eleven years Jamie has proudly organised over 500 successful school, sports tours and educational trips. He has helped inspire over 8,000 individuals in all sorts of international destinations. He has also cultivated an unrivalled global network of educational travel providers that are reliable and experienced with a staunch commitment to safety.
Jamie’s enthusiasm for organising international sports tours, educational trips and volunteering expeditions stems from the benefits that he himself accrued travelling and living all over the world. Jamie has lived in the UK, South Africa, Tanzania, Australia, USA and New Zealand. He has travelled extensively within Europe, Southern Africa, South East Asia and North America. It is Jamie's positive travel experiences that have fuelled his passion for promoting overseas educational and sport travel trips as a critical pillar in a young person’s development.

Father of three young children, Jamie is incredibly proud to own and run Student Horizons,  a market leader in experiential travel for young people that aims to challenge students to broaden their horizons and grow in confidence.

"Nearly 20 years ago at age 18 I said goodbye to my parents in London and left for Johannesburg, South Africa. Over a year later I returned home with thousands of incredible memories that would last with me forever. My time in Southern Africa coaching sport at a boarding school in Jo'burg coupled with teaching Northern Sotho children English in Northern Transvaal had a profound impact on me as a young person. My experiences undoubtedly broadened my horizons and I gained in confidence. Fundamentally it helped to shape my views and opinions on the world we live in. In later years I have returned to Southern Africa over 20 times leading student and teacher trips. Southern Africa is an awe inspiring part of the world and a personal favourite of mine!"

StudentHorizons BrookeStudentHorizons biog CinqueTerre
Travel photo: Brooke on one of her many European trips when living and working in London. Cinque Terre, Italy – a beautiful place.
Brooke Wansey – Owner / Director

Originally from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Brooke moved to New Zealand in 2008, with her husband, Jamie. After spending Seven amazing years in Auckland, in 2015 they relocated their family to Brisbane to set up the Student Horizons Brisbane office.
After completing her tertiary education with Diplomas in Business and Design, Brooke has worked in design agencies around the world including Sydney, London and Auckland before setting up her own design business in New Zealand.
A passion for travel was evident from a young age with family trips across the ditch to New Zealand to visit relatives. Brooke’s eyes were well and truly opened to the world outside of what she knew when she embarked on a High School Concert Band Tour of the USA, visiting LA, San Francisco and Chicago. With her Saxophone in hand Brooke had well and truly got the travel bug!
An ‘OE’ to the UK enabled Brooke to fuel her passion for travel with extensive travel into Europe, then subsequent travel to North America, East Africa and the Pacific Islands. Brooke does admit that travelling nowadays with two young children under the age of three is not quite the same!
“Having experienced an overseas school trip to the USA, and knowing how it gave me confidence, both musically and personally as a teenager, I am thrilled to be helping, and inspiring today's young people to achieve the same. Whether it be for music, sport or any other subject, travelling and experiential learning is such a great way to grow as a person and achieve a well-rounded view of the world we live in.”

StudentHorizons AndrewStudentHorizons biog Andy
Travel photo: Andrew taking a stroll on a beach in Scotland
Andrew Graham – Product and Operations Manager

Since graduating from university with a degree in Accounting and Finance, Andrew worked for many years in finance for a leading global manufacturer and Fortune 500 company. The exposure to how industry and business succeed inspired Andrew to broaden his expertise and further his career path in operational management.
Shortly after emigrating to New Zealand from the UK with his wife and two children, Andrew was delighted when the opportunity arose to join Student Horizons. Providing opportunities for young people to ‘Challenge, Discover, Achieve’, is one that Andrew finds most rewarding. Having had the chance to travel to many places himself; Kenya, Morocco, Turkey, Australia, France and the United Arab Emirates to name but a few, Andrew is well aware of the benefits and advantages travel brings. Andrew is proud to be part of a world class team delivering first class experiences and unrivalled service.
Andrew has many happy memories of time spent in Scotland visiting some amazing historical sights, beautiful cities, and of course getting out and about enjoying the great Scottish outdoors.

StudentHorizons RichardStudentHorizons biog GrandCanyon
Travel photo: Rich taking in the awe inspiring Grand Canyon in the USA
Richard Gorrett – Programme Development Manager, New Zealand

Being a Welshman Richard is a keen rugby man and has fond memories of his time in New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup in 2011. Although the way that Wales departed the tournament is still a sore spot!! Richard is keen on all sports but football has been his primary focus throughout his childhood and adult life. He has played at a good level in Wales, England, Australia and now New Zealand. He is keen on keeping fit and healthy, running, cycling and his next challenge on the horizon is the Auckland Marathon. Richard has travelled extensively across Europe, the West and East coast of America and more recently Australia.

Richard’s passion for sport has transcended into his educational and occupational life. He graduated with a degree in Sports Management and has worked in various areas of the sporting industry since. After University he worked for MLS Camps in America as a soccer coach which turned into a developmental role to increase participation in the sport. Richard has worked for a leading educational sports travel company in the UK, who are a partner of Student Horizons and this role allowed him to travel to various European countries. A career highlight was working in his home country for the Ryder Cup in 2010 where he got to rub shoulders with the biggest names in golf.

“Being able to combine my interest in education, travel and sport within my role for Student Horizons is great as I believe that overseas travel can provide infinite benefits for young people. The opportunities that we open up to students, at such a key stage of their lives, makes a real difference in their understanding, their perspectives and outlook. I know this from my own personal experiences and I am keen to inspire young people to get out  into the world and to reap the rewards!”

Student Horizons Jared Daunt
Jared London
Travel photo:
Jared checking the time in London. 
Jared Daunt – Programme Development Executive, Australia

Jared was born in a small town in England while his father was playing Rugby League, however he only lived there for 3 weeks before moving to Brisbane where he has lived ever since. Jared grew up playing many different sports and sport became his biggest passion.

This was then shown through Jared's first major job working for AFL Queensland progressing to become a Program Leader, aiming to promote the sport of AFL in Queensland and involve more kids in a healthy and active life through the sport of AFL. Jared absolutely loves Rugby League and is a huge supporter of the Roosters.

Jared graduated high school at the prestigious Nudgee College in Brisbane where he very highly valued his education, mates, school and sporting teams. He then went on to the University of Queensland to commence a bachelor of health, exercise and physical education before recently deferring to travel to Europe. Jared travelled to countries such as Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, France and England.

Whilst in high school Jared was lucky enough to travel to England to take part in a cricket tour which saw him play against many of the top cricketing schools in England. He has also been to other countries including America, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


Student Horizons Maddy SpryStudent Horizons Cambodia
Travel photo: Reflection time: Maddy marvels at the beauty of Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Maddy Spry – Events and Marketing Coordinator

Maddy was born and raised in rural Queensland into a family of thoroughbred racing. From a young age she emerged as a vibrant character with a natural ability to connect with people. It was then no surprise she became fond of the fast-paced, dynamic and unpredictable nature of the events industry.

Maddy later discovered a love for motocross proving the rush of adrenaline bestowed from her jockey father runs in the family. Competing at the Australian Junior Motocross Championships in 2011 and 2012, Maddy placed 9th and 16th respectively in her divisions. Maddy was fortunate to travel the country for various competitions and decided after high school to tackle Asia visiting Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and India. Travel allowed Maddy to expand her perspectives, gain knowledge of other customs and learn how to live in the moment – all of which she will cherish forever.

Experiencing turbulent teenage years, Maddy’s schooling became the constant in her life. She strived for excellence knowing that no matter how big the hurdle she would always have the necessary skills to jump over it…or at least knock it down! She is passionate about providing youth with learning opportunities and has contributed her time to many not-for-profit organisations empowering young people to reach their full potential. She looks forward to making a positive impact in students’ lives as they combine travel opportunities with their gift for music, sport and education.
“I am thrilled to be providing my events and marketing knowledge to the Student Horizon’s team. By delivering memorable events such as the ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival, I endeavor to instill secondary students with the confidence, independence and personal growth necessary to achieve their dreams.

Maddy brings over three years’ experience as a functions and events coordinator in the sporting sector as well as skills and insight from a Bachelor of Business majoring in Public Relations which she is currently undertaking at The Queensland University of Technology.

Yvonne CarrStudent Horizons China Yvonne
Travel photo: Yvonne walking on the Great Wall in China
Yvonne Carr – Head of Music Tours and Festivals

Until recently Yvonne managed the the Churchie Music Program and was until the end of 2014, Director of Music at Churchie. Prior to working at Churchie, Yvonne was Director of Music at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace. Both of these schools are members of the Brisbane GPS (Great Public Schools' Association).

Yvonne is passionate about Music Education and believes every child should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument at a young age and develop that throughout school, becoming life long learners. Being involved in band, orchestra or choir gives young people the chance to be part of a wonderful team experience which allows them to travel all over the world to perform and compete.

During Yvonne’s career in the education sector she has organised numerous overseas music tours for students and understands the considerable benefits it can bring young people. Taking 90 students to the prestigious Banff International Music Festival in Canada was a highlight. Yvonne has toured with ensembles to many states in the USA as well as New Zealand and within Australia.

“All students deserve to see the world and to be given the opportunity to see personally what life is like somewhere else. Travel allows this and music makes it happen.”

Stephanie SchwarzeStephanie Schwarze Japan
Travel photo: Stephanie and family at the Narita-san temple in Japan
Stephanie Schwarze – ASPIRE Marketing Events Assistant

Stephanie was born and raised in a small town close to Berlin, Germany. Her passion for traveling started at a young age, with her parents being keen travellers taking Stephanie and her brother on trips around Europe and Africa such as Greece, Spain, Turkey and Tunisia.

After completing her high schooling in 2009, Stephanie and her friends decided to do a Gap Year in Australia.

“My Gap Year in Australia definitely broadened my horizons, I was able to gain my first work experiences. It provided me opportunities for adventure as well as challenges. I certainly can say that my gap year in Australia helped me to gain confidence.”

Seven years onwards, Stephanie finished her Master of Marketing at Griffith University in July 2016. During her university years and after her graduation she travelled the world with her partner, parents, brother and extended family, experiencing the vibrant city of Tokyo, the beauty of Bali and Vanuatu, the gigantic Australian outback, the architecture in Europe and the pyramids in Egypt.

Stephanie’s passion for travel, music, and marketing brought her to Student Horizons. She is very excited to be part of the prestigious ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival.

“I am looking forward to creating an extraordinary and wonderful experience for the students and everyone else at the ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival. It is a great opportunity for the young musicians to share their passion for music with like-minded people from around the world, and to learn from globally renowned adjudicators.”

Student Horizons Suzanne WhitlockStudent Horizons Rio De Janeiro
Travel photo: From the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio De Janeiro overlooking Copacabana Beach
Suzanne Whitlock – Tour Operations Team Leader

A born and bred Kiwi, Suzanne has had the privilege of being from a family of travellers and has been lucky enough to have explored New Zealand as well as many parts of the rest of the world from a young age. The travel bug has therefore, inevitably, been passed down into her and she will forever be eager to travel anywhere and everywhere.

After completing her tertiary education with a Degree in Graphic Design, Suzanne realised that her heart wasn’t in it, and decided to pursue a career in the field in which she is truly passionate and therefore is thrilled to be part of the amazing team at Student Horizons.

Having participated in a student volunteer tour herself which took her deep into the Amazon basin of Ecuador, Suzanne can truly see the value of an experience such as this and how it can broaden the mind of young people, in much greater ways than what can be taught in a classroom.

‘I have been lucky enough to have had many travel experiences ranging from trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal to a six month working holiday spent in the winter wonderland of Whistler in Canada or spending a summer in South Eastern Europe to completing the Inca Trail and witnessing the awe of Machu Picchu. I truly believe travel is the best education, and am so excited to be in a position where I can help others gain priceless experiences such as these with memories to last a lifetime!’

Student Horizons KaitlinStudent Horizons India
Travel photo: Kaitlin practicing her yoga poses in India
Kaitlin Reif – Community Partnerships Manager

Kaitlin is a born and raised Floridian who made her home in New Zealand in early 2012. Born with an adventurous spirit, she jumped at the chance to volunteer at a youth sport camp in Mexico at the age of 14. That trip launched a lifelong commitment to globetrotting—a passion that has brought her around the world as a foreign exchange student to Japan, a backpacker to Europe, a yoga amateur to India, a hiker to the Pacific, and a volunteer to Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Russia.
Every trip has sparked educational interests for Kaitlin, who returned from France with a love of the language, from Russia with a love of the literature, and from England with a love of the art (she went on to study all three at university!). She believes strongly in the benefits of experiential learning and above all, that travel is the best teacher.
With a newly minted Master’s degree in Art History and an ongoing insatiable interest in travel, Kaitlin is eager to contribute her Yankee enthusiasm to the dynamic global energy of Student Horizons.

Student Horizons JaneRome
Travel photo: Jane, at the awe inspiring Colosseum in Rome
Jane Tjomuskina – Programme Tour Coordinator

Born in Estonia to Russian parents Jane developed keen interest in different cultures from a very young age. Straight after school she left home for the UK, eager to try herself in a different country. She graduated from one of the top UK universities few years later. Being fascinated by the constantly changing world we live in, she went on to do her degree in International Relations.

Throughout her university years and after graduating, she explored the world, travelling around India, South Africa, USA, Spain, France, Switzerland to name few countries. 5 years ago one of these trips brought her to New Zealand. It took her 2 weeks to realise this is where she wanted to settle.

Since graduating, Jane tried herself in a number of different fields, including human rights, sales and marketing, hospitality and education. In the last few years she worked in a number of language and business schools for international students in New Zealand, she also travelled back to the UK to work at a Summer School, organising University Campus trips for high schools students around the world.

Her immense passion for travel and education brought her to Student Horizons. “Travelling abroad not only teaches young people about the world, it also teaches them about themselves. They discover a sense of independence, and realise that there are no limitations and that they can overcome any challenge. I am thrilled to be a part of organization committed to helping facilitate this personal growth by providing young people with the opportunities of a lifetime.”

Student Horizons BlairStudent Horizons South America
Travel photo:
Blair and sister, Suzy, at Chichen Itza in Mexico
Blair Whitlock – Programme Tour Coordinator

Kiwi through and through, Blair was lucky to be born into a family of keen travellers. Being able to tag along on overseas trips Blair’s eyes were opened to the wonder of international travel from an early age.

Blair is a sports nut. Playing just about every sport available growing up. His passion lies on the Football field where he still plays competitively today. He is a die hard Arsenal fan!

Blair graduated from the prestigious Westlake Boys' High School. Representing the Football 1st XI for three years he saw the vast opportunities that can arise through competitive team sport. He then went on to study a Bachelor of Business Studies at Massey University before deferring his studies to take up a fantastic opportunity at Student Horizons.

Blair used his University holidays to travel to exciting destinations such as India, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal and many more!

The opportunity at Student Horizons was a perfect fit as it encompasses Blair’s two biggest passions which are sport and travel.

Student Horizons EileenStudent Horizons Thailand Eileen
Travel photo: Thailand Tuk Tuk time.
Eileen Verona – Programme Development Coordinator

Eileen is born and raised in one of the 7, 000 islands in the Philippines. Bubbly, adventurous, and competitive are just some of the traits that keeps her who she is as a person. She's a person who likes to munch on exotic foods, swim in deep oceans and even bungee jump to experience the most exciting things in life and so she can brag it to her husband as well.
She is a traveller by heart and mind, thus her inspiration to have a travel blog named, The Travel Hungry Heart. She has travelled extensively around her country and across Asia to countries such as, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong to explore what lies beyond the borders of her own culture and tradition. She is currently enjoying exploring her new home and discovering all the wonderful things that New Zealand has to offer.
She first made a career in hospitality at a top hotel in the city where she grew up. Managing large events, weddings, conventions and seminars were in already in her blood but to pursue her passion in the tourism industry, she studied at the International Travel College in Auckland. After completing an Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management, she is delighted to be able to start her journey with Student Horizons.
"I am excited! It’s time I use my personal experiences as a traveller and what I learnt as a student to push Student Horizons to new heights. At the same time, I am thrilled to learn more about the tourism industry by a being part of such a great team. I’m blessed and honoured to be part of a company that teaches the youth how learning from traveling around the globe is priceless and essential."

Student Horizons TarrynStudent Horizons NewZealand Tarryn
Travel photo: Tarryn with her three boys at The Waterworks park in the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand
Tarryn Siljeur – Finance Administration

Growing up in South Africa and it being quite a multi diverse country I have gained an appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of all cultures and their histories around the world. I enjoy learning about other traditional, cultural or religious ideologies as it gives me a better understanding of others. I think of myself as having a more of a holistic approach to life.
I believe Student Horizons gives young people the opportunity to expand their minds through education and life experiences and having fun while doing so. Having three children of my own I find enjoyment in watching them develop their own talents and skills and hope that they too will be able to learn more about themselves through exploring the world.
Keeping up with the energy of three boys is definitely an exercise regime within itself although I enjoy going to the gym for some much needed me time. My goals would be to always have an optimistic approach to life and be a positive influence to others.

Andrew JohnstoneStudentHorizons NYC
Travel photo: Andrew 'taking the bull by the horns' in NYC!
Andrew Johnstone – IT Manager

Passionate about travel, sport and music it is safe to say Andrew fits right into the team at Student Horizons.

Andrew was born and raised in Queensland, attending school at St Laurence’s in Brisbane. Andrews has always had a passion for music with fond memories of playing with the school orchestra and concert band playing oboe, flute and bass guitar.

Majoring in software engineering and drama at The University of Queensland Andrew set off on his travels to the USA working a summer camp and independently travelling around the states. Six years in the UK  followed working in IT whilst also DJ’ing. Trips back to the USA from London were frequent as Andrew attended Gala Choruses in Denver, joining a global choir and representing Australia and also playing rugby in the Bingham Cup. Of course Andrew also made the most of living so close to mainland Europe with plenty of experiences in countries such as  France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Returning home to Brisbane Andrew spent 8 years in the Queensland Police in a senior role within their IT department. Andrews extensive experience in IT and web development is indeed an asset to the Student Horizons business as the business strives to continually innovate and lead from the front.

"Having experienced school tours, they are some of the best memories I have. Student Horizons delivers experiences that open up the minds of young people and it is great to apart of that”

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When students travel internationally, their adventurous spirit can sometimes lead them to risky situations. Without proper preventative measures in place, the results can be disastrous.

By having numerous risk prevention measures in place and extensive risk assessments completed on international ground handlers, we are happy to share the responsibility of keeping your students safe during their overseas school tour.
Bring your students on a school trip that exposes them to experiences which develop their skills and interests in their chosen subject.

Whether you’re looking to organise international sports tours, subject specific educational tours or student volunteer expeditions, we can create customised itineraries based on your requirements.
Fundraising can be a long and arduous process if you’re limited to sausage sizzles and car washes.

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