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Combined Ensemble Tours

Student Horizons understands that sometimes schools wish to take ensembles such as Choirs, Concert Bands and String Orchestras together to an International Festival, or even to experience music making in another part of the world.

Our contacts with schools all over the world, especially in the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Asia allows us to match your school with a school of similar standard in these countries. We can tailor a tour to give your ensembles performance and workshop opportunities where they will perform to a captive audience and will have the opportunity to workshop with their host school ensembles under the direction of famous clinicians from the area.

Because of the experience of our team, we are aware of the logistics of taking large ensembles with large instruments to other countries and will factor options into our costings.

We understand that combined Music Tours will mean a large number of students and therefore understand that extra teachers will need to travel.  We also are experienced at arranging Parent Tours to complement your student tour.

Recent Music Tour Feedback...
feilding crest “I am overwhelmed by the support we received for this tour before, during and afterwards. It was great to have Jane on the tour and made it easier for us to focus on the kids. Everything was just so easy and efficient. Thanks so much, we are recommending you left right and center."

"This was such a pain-free process. I was kept well-informed and my questions were answered very promptly. Took away a lot of stress.”

Tour Leader, Feilding High School
European Music Tour, July 2016
StMarysCollege “Student Horizons is a company that I have been advocating for since my introduction to them last October. Within one week of making my initial enquiry, the company director, Mr Jamie Wansey travelled from New Zealand to Brisbane to meet with me directly and discuss the option of touring with Student Horizons. His initial passion, commitment and interest in my suggested aims and objectives of such tours from St Mary’s College made it an easy decision. The continued support from Jamie and his staff was incredible, as was the organisation and liaison with Suzanne Whitlock. Further to their commitment, Richard (Programme Development Manager) managed the operation on the ground in New Zealand and had an uncanny ability to ‘pop up’ anywhere and everywhere and support our tour 24/7 – no small feat for a 7 foot Welsh man! Our final thank you must go to Kaitlin, this ‘gritty’ ever determined Florida native was the champion of our tour. Her blog post was outrageously kind! Her intimate involvement and interaction with our group was highlighted in her ability to reflect on each touring member. She sprinted the streets of Auckland, bowled her first strike in ten pin bowling, discovered the great game of Netball and climbed every mountain that we did – whilst at the same time, organising the transportation, coordinating the rooming arrangements, picking up lunches, double checking dietary requirements and getting in ‘some’ sleep. The Student Horizons team was remarkable in every way, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any school or organisation.”

Tour Leader, St Mary's College, Ipswich
New Zealand Choral & Netball Tour, October 2015
StudentHorizons YvonneCarr
Yvonne Carr – Head of Music Tours and Festivals

Until recently Yvonne managed the the Churchie Music Program and was until the end of 2014, Director of Music at Churchie. Prior to working at Churchie, Yvonne was Director of Music at St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace. Both of these schools are members of the Brisbane GPS (Great Public Schools' Association).

Yvonne is passionate about Music Education and believes every child should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument at a young age and develop that throughout school, becoming life long learners. Being involved in band, orchestra or choir gives young people the chance to be part of a wonderful team experience which allows them to travel all over the world to perform and compete.

During Yvonne’s career in the education sector she has organised numerous overseas music tours for students and understands the considerable benefits it can bring young people. Taking 90 students to the prestigious Banff International Music Festival in Canada was a highlight. Yvonne has toured with ensembles to many states in the USA as well as New Zealand and within Australia.

“All students deserve to see the world and to be given the opportunity to see personally what life is like somewhere else. Travel allows this and music makes it happen.”
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When students travel internationally, their adventurous spirit can sometimes lead them to risky situations. Without proper preventative measures in place, the results can be disastrous.

By having numerous risk prevention measures in place and extensive risk assessments completed on international ground handlers, we are happy to share the responsibility of keeping your students safe during their overseas school tour.
Bring your students on a school trip that exposes them to experiences which develop their skills and interests in their chosen subject.

Whether you’re looking to organise international sports tours, subject specific educational tours or student volunteer expeditions, we create customised itineraries based on your requirements.
Fundraising can be a long and arduous process if you’re limited to sausage sizzles and car washes.

Tour with us and gain access to exclusive fundraising tools that increase the effectiveness of your fundraising activities.

Reach your target faster while having more fun with our tools today.

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