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Connectedness and the importance of curricular activities

Written by Kerry Schreiber on April 14th, 2016.      0 comments

Connectedness and the importance of curricular activities such as this tour – a reflection.

SPC Football 1Previously in schools and in life in general we could easily source ways to connect with our close knit communities and the activities within it. But as our schools and communities have become bigger and we have had the requirement to segment activities, abandon some with loaded curriculum requirements and dismantle staff across schools for sheer organisational purposes, we have lost some connection and closeness with each other even though this civil solidarity is so desired. When we return to our community, our connected feeling as a group may be gone a few days later, an intense and sustained activity such as a tour can allow students and staff to experience the essence of connectedness and mixtures of experiences bring people together over a long period of time.

As we all know, sporting experiences either as a spectator or as a competitor magnifies emotions and from these emotions people can learn much about their personality, their ability to work with others and gain patience and understanding of many aspects of team work.

The Melbourne Football tour was an invaluable experience for many students. Melbourne itself was a great city to use as a tool for this particular sport with its culture and ethnicity attached with Football. An activity such as a tour allows time for connectivity and when we recognize ourselves through activities such as sport we can have a real opportunity to self-reflect and utilise this understanding across many other aspects of it lives.”

Kerry Schreiber, Teacher, St. Peter’s Lutheran College Melbourne Football Tour

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