Teacher support

Get your tour off the ground by following these simple steps:

  • When it comes to planning a group tour, there are a few things that will be helpful for you to keep in mind:

    • Where do you wish to tour? And at what time of year?
    • How long do you want to be away for?
    • What’s the primary aim of the tour? Is it pre-season training, a post-season reward, team building or experiencing a new culture?
    • How many students, and will it be single gender or mixed gender?
    • How many teachers will you need? We recommend a minimum of one teacher to every ten students.
    • What type of accommodation would be preferred, and what meals would you like to be included/pre-organised?
    • What is the budget?
  • Get in touch with a Student Horizons tour development specialist to begin collaborating on your itinerary: the destination or destinations you wish to visit, sightseeing activities you're interested in, and how many fixtures, performances, workshops or coaching sessions you would like to include. Your tour development specialist will also work with you on costing the tour based on your requirements and the number of students participating.

  • Once you are happy with your proposed itinerary and quote, you’ll need to secure the support of your school senior management, Board of Trustees, or club committee. Student Horizons assists with this by providing any necessary supporting paperwork, including Due Diligence and comprehensive Health and Safety documents.

  • Now is the time to get everyone excited! Start advertising the tour and invite students, parents and staff to an information evening lead by your Student Horizons tour development specialist, where everyone will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the itinerary, fundraising, and exactly what is expected from all involved. Student Horizons will also notify interested families of the due date for their first deposit.

  • Booking your tour is as easy as completing the booking form and providing the non-refundable deposit from each travelling student. Once this is complete you will receive a booking pack confirming all of the details and inclusions of your tour, as well as a payment schedule. We will then assign your tour to a dedicated Tour Coordinator, who will begin making the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements. 

  • As you count down to departure you will be in regular contact with your Tour Coordinator, who will keep you updated as bookings firm up. 

    Some good things for you to keep in mind while Student Horizons are taking care of the logistics are getting the group to the airport, collecting copies of passports from everyone traveling on the tour, and notifying us of any dietary requirements or medical conditions.

  • As everyone is buzzing and about to set off, Student Horizons will take care of all the details, such as e-tickets, check in, and answering any last minute questions.

  • At Student Horizons we are committed to providing the very best quality and personal service, and in order to ensure we meet this standard, we need your feedback. Once you return from your travels we would love for you to complete our feedback form and let us know how the tour went.