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Continental Europe

With a rich history that spreads back over thousands of years, Europe is still an exceptionally diverse destination that is home to a variety of ancient cultures, historic cities, gastronomical delights, sensational scenery and world-leading facilities.

Visiting medieval townships, exploring the Pompeii archaeological area, appreciating the artistic vibrancy of Barcelona, wandering along Venice’s canals and delving into Germany’s powerful history are just some of the myriad of attractions on offer.

Sports Tours
Hockey, rugby and football are widely played across most European countries, making a European sport tour the ideal way to give hockey, rugby and football students an international experience that spans a variety of cultures and settings.

Music Tours
Europe is the pinnacle of touring for students interested in classical music. Germany - “The land of poets and thinkers”- and Austria are key destinations for choirs and orchestras. Jump in the footsteps of Bach, Händel, Beethoven or Wagner to experience countries with a long and proud tradition of classical music.

Educational Tours
The scale and diversity of Europe make it well suited for all manner of educational tours. It is particularly popular for history, arts and geography tours as well as design and technology and performing arts trips.
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Football 1
Football is played virtually everywhere! This means that choosing where to travel on a football tour can be a very tough...

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Hockey 3
A hockey tour is the perfect way for players to grow camaraderie and test themselves against international...

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Rugby 4
Rugby is in our blood and so there is little wonder that there is a proud tradition of touring with rugby...

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Europe, the United Kingdom and New York are areas that are particularly well known for their prestigious galleries...

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Business Studies
Make your teaching inspirational, contemporary and relevant by visiting a range of business operations...

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Help spark students’ creativity while encouraging a critical appreciation and contextual understanding...

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When it comes to developing a contextual understanding of another culture nothing is better than experiencing it first hand...

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Providing an ‘on-the-ground’ experience is the perfect way to transform dry historical theory and really engage students...

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There is no doubt that the secret to learning the intricacies of any language is to immerse yourself in it...

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Safety is our number one priority
When students travel internationally, their adventurous spirit can sometimes lead them to risky situations. Without proper preventative measures in place, the results can be disastrous.

By having numerous risk prevention measures in place and extensive risk assessments completed on international ground handlers, we are happy to share the responsibility of keeping your students safe during their overseas school tour.
Development focused international school tours
Bring your students on a school trip that exposes them to experiences which develop their skills and interests in their chosen subject.

Whether you’re looking to organise international sports tours, subject specific educational tours or student volunteer expeditions, we can create customised itineraries based on your requirements.
Helping you fundraise more effectively
Fundraising can be a long and arduous process if you’re limited to sausage sizzles and car washes.

Tour with us and gain access to exclusive fundraising tools that increase the effectiveness of your fundraising activities.

Reach your target faster while having more fun with our tools today.

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