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Overseas Educational Tours for Schools

It is widely agreed that every student should experience the world beyond the classroom. Whatever the subject, with a Student Horizons educational tour you can be sure that learning outcomes will be met and students will be engaged and inspired like never before.
In partnership with our extremely knowledgeable international ground staff we will tailor-make you a tour that will open students’ eyes to global diversity, inspire them to consider their own career path and provide invaluable experiences all-round, all while raising the profile of your department.

Taken from the Australian Curriculum:
"Global integration and international mobility have increased rapidly in the past decade. As a consequence new and exciting opportunities for Australians are emerging. This heightens the need to nurture an appreciation of, and respect for, social, cultural and religious diversity, and a sense of global citizenship."

Our Educational subject based tours are designed to:
  • Broaden students' horizons
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn from the experiences of others around the world
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful service
  • Provide opportunities for adventure and challenge
  • Develop student skills so they can move on with confidence
  • Provide opportunities for personal and social development
  • Increase students understanding of different perspectives and different cultures
  • Promote appreciation of our heritage on a global level
  • Positively influence the next generation of Australians and New Zealanders by developing their awareness of the wider world and helping them define their role within it

Check out the below options perfect for your overseas school educational tour...
History 3


The largest concentration of masterpieces is found in collections in America and Europe...

>  Find out about Art History & Humanities
Art 2


Whether you are interested in offering your students opportunities to view and discuss major works of contemporary art...

>  Find out more about Visual Arts
Business 2


Provide opportunities for your students to discover what's behind textbook theory by taking them out of the classroom...

>  Find out more about Business Studies
StudentHorizons destinations UK small-987


Travelling to the UK on an English tour is the ultimate immersion experience for students and teachers interested in...

>  Find out about English Tours
History 3


A worldwide emphasis on preserving sites of historical significance in the 20th century has created a rich arena for exploring...

>  Find out about History & Classics
DandT 3
Spark students’ creativity while encouraging a critical appreciation and contextual understanding...

>  Find out about Design & Tech Tours
Geography 3
Invite your students to evaluate their perceptions of other cultural and geographical environments...

>  Find out about Geography Tours
Language 2
As globalisation expands, learning a second language has never been more important...

>  Find out about Language Tours
PerformingArts 4-398


Media Studies tour to the USA provides unparalleled opportunity for your students to experience...

>  Find out about Media Studies
PerformingArts 3
If you’re planning a tour for your Performing Arts students, the US and London provide the perfect backdrop...

>  Find out about Performing Arts
Website STEM1-117


If you are aspiring to spark your students’ vision for the future, encourage them to discover the real-life applications of...

>  Find out about STEM Tours
UniversityTour 2-414


Do you want to introduce your students to the top academic institutions in the world and...

>  Find out about University Tours
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Safety is our number one priority
When students travel internationally, their adventurous spirit can sometimes lead them to risky situations. Without proper preventative measures in place, the results can be disastrous.

By having numerous risk prevention measures in place and extensive risk assessments completed on international ground handlers, we are happy to share the responsibility of keeping your students safe during their overseas school tour.
Bring your students on a school trip that exposes them to experiences which develop their skills and interests in their chosen subject.

Whether you’re looking to organise international sports tours, subject specific educational tours or student volunteer expeditions, we can create customised itineraries based on your requirements.
Helping you fundraise more effectively
Fundraising can be a long and arduous process if you’re limited to sausage sizzles and car washes.

Tour with us and gain access to exclusive fundraising tools that increase the effectiveness of your fundraising activities.

Reach your target faster while having more fun with our tools today.

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