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If you are looking to organise an unforgettable basketball tour the United States cannot be beaten. Not only are Americans fanatical about the sport, it is passionately played in schools nationwide and the United States is home to some of the world’s most famous basketball clubs – the Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, Boston Celtics and New York Knicks. For teams looking for a more subdued experience a basketball tour to the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand also provides fantastic fixtures and facilities.

Check out the below destinations perfect for your overseas school basketball tour...
pwh-logo-502 “Very thoroughly planned and prepared. Highly accommodating”
“The overseas trip was brilliant. Jared went above and beyond to ensure everyones needs were met.”

Tour Leader, Pittwater House
USA Basketball Tour, January 2018
StBrendanShaw “Student Horizons provided our tour group with immersive experiences allowing us to make a real connection with the places and people we met throughout the length of the tour. The tour was extremely well organised and structured perfectly with good hotels, competitive fixtures and amazing activities. The cultural aspect of the tour was excellent. The trip was above the expectations that the group and their parents had. Our tour guide, Jeannine endeared herself to all the members of our group. She also went well beyond the requirements of a normal guide and always worked towards providing us with memorable experiences. Everything from the booking process, communication pre-departure, tour guide, coach driver, fixtures, activities and cultural experiences were professionally organised and greatly appreciated”

Teacher/Netball Coordinator, St Brendan Shaw College
New Zealand Netball & Basketball Tour, October 2017
NudgeeCollege crest “At the end of the tour, I mentioned to Mik Scott that it felt like I was just one of the kids on the tour. And he said he felt the same. Part of this was because we had a great group of kids but the main reason is that Student Horizons was meticulous in the organisation and preparation and Jared worked tirelessly to ensure the plan was enacted. Student Horizons is a first class operation.”

Tour Leader, St Joseph's Nudgee College
USA & Canada Basketball Tour, December 2016
StPetersLutheran crest “The St Peters Lutheran College Basketball trip to US in December 2015 was an amazing trip. With Student Horizons in charge of organisation pre tour and their tour rep Kaitlin with us on tour to take care of the logistical side of things, it made for a great trip. Even though it was  an international trip, it was one of the most stress free school tours I have been on. I would definitely use Student Horizons again for a school tour!"

Tour Leader, St Peters Lutheran College (Brisbane)
USA, Basketball Tour December 2015

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When students travel internationally, their adventurous spirit can sometimes lead them to risky situations. Without proper preventative measures in place, the results can be disastrous.

By having numerous risk prevention measures in place and extensive risk assessments completed on international ground handlers, we are happy to share the responsibility of keeping your students safe during their overseas school tour.
Bring your students on a school trip that exposes them to experiences which develop their skills and interests in their chosen subject.

Whether you’re looking to organise international sports tours, subject specific educational tours or student volunteer expeditions, we create customised itineraries based on your requirements.
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