Our values

Our values, safety, integrity, empathy, courage, creativity, teamwork and community, embody the pioneering spirit that built our success and defines who we are.

Today, we remain driven by this ‘pioneering spirit’. Our commitment to these values is a statement of this and our unwavering focus on safety for our students, teachers, employees, stakeholders and the communities around the world who embrace us.

Our values keep us focused, they support us and ensure we lead the way in school student travel. As a result, we are committed to encouraging and inspiring our employees and stakeholders to take a creative and innovative approach, with safety at the core of everything we do.


We are staunchly committed to safety and work tirelessly to ensure all aspects of the business operate safely. We hold an unwavering focus for the personal safety of our students, teachers, staff and those around us.


We are responsible for our actions and pursue truth and honour. We are committed to open and honest communication, no matter how difficult the situation. Our value ‘integrity’, creates an atmosphere of certainty and equality, developing tolerance and respect and creating a dependable environment.


We listen, we respect and encourage open communication. We are responsive and understanding and strive for open-mindedness, breeding tolerance in order to see things from both sides.


We dare to do and have the courage to try new things. We embrace change and exploration and encourage our people to challenge the unfamiliar and confront issues with courage.


We take initiative and are creative and innovative in everything we do. With pioneering spirit, we encourage innovative thinking with passion; creating an environment that nurtures vision, where creativity flourishes and our people are passionate about voicing their ideas.


Together we ‘can do’. Through shared responsibility we work towards common goals and encourage personal best in all collaborative endeavours. Through togetherness we form a whole, we become equally joined, creating an inspiring motivating environment that is boundless.


We create community every day. Our empowering family approach fosters a belief of belonging and underpins everything that we do. We value our strong sense of community and inclusiveness. This sense of family is openly shared on tour with our extended family - students, teachers and staff – uniting people from every corner of the globe.