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Get outside the classroom!

Written by Stephanie Schwarze on February 23rd, 2018.      1 comments

 22228361 1501098920007582 1119482363981021533 n-919-752Travelling overseas on a Educational Tour will enrich your students' development in new and exciting ways.

Our tours are fantastic opportunities for students to gain a personal understanding of global diversity, engage with their subject on an international scale, and inspire them to consider their own career path.


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A television says ...
A television broadcast last week purportedly exposed six umpires from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, admitting to the possibility and tendency to fix matches. The Times of India <a href="">best writing services</a> too reported the identities were revealed only after a sting operation conducted in July and August by the said channel which captured footage of Annees Siddique and Nadeem Ghauri of Pakistan and Nadir Shah of Bangladesh.