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Horizons Week Inspection Trip - Huge Success

Written by Jamie Wansey on November 5th, 2012.      0 comments

On the 29th October - 1st November the Horizons Week team conducted an inspection trip for our Horizons Week event next November 2013. All set with a film crew and teachers we embarked on a 4 day / 3 night visit to Fiji taking in the coral coast, Mana island and the fiji interior!

A river jet safari, a day/ night in a rural village, rugby with the locals, school visit, ferry out to an island, camping in the fiji interior, snorkeling and kayaking were just a few of the experiences the group took part in.
Horizons Week Interview with Jamie Wansey
Designed for students aged 11– 13 years of age from New Zealand and Australia, the comprehensive programme, takes young people outside their usual environment in a way that inspires personal growth and leadership skills, and helps the participants to see themselves in a renewed context of local and global community.

Horizons Week Director, Jamie Wansey said the team approach was designed to help create lasting friendships, an important benefit from the adventure.

“These youngsters are challenged, individually and as a team, through trekking, camping and bush craft in the Fiji interior,” he said. “Their ability to interact, to plan and co-operate is strengthened, they grow in confidence with each challenge.They join in ceremonies and learn the importance of local customs and traditions - local dancing, songs and local social etiquette. There are exchanges with local schools and students, as well as connecting with other participating Horizons Week schools. Conservation plays a part, with students learning about plant, animal, marine, coastal and land conservation and issues Fiji faces,” Jamie said.

The comprehensive Horizons Week approach ensures the students and teachers will benefit from qualified Outdoor Pursuits personnel, a selection of inspirational ambassadors, experienced management and staff, and the important element of highly organised and knowledgeable ‘in-country’ Fijian partners.

“We organise everything so students and teachers can concentrate on enjoying the experience. It’s important to provide event, travel and outdoors experts so parents, teachers and schools have full peace of mind that we provide students with a seamlessly coordinated, supremely safe and meaningful cross-cultural experience. Any overseas travel has an element of risk. We mitigate that and the desire to meet students’ sense of adventure through experience and preparation,” Jamie said. “We control the risk, and in the event of something unforeseen, we manage things effectively.”

As well as ensuring a minimum of 1:7 adult to student ratio, the organisation provides full risk assessment of destination and all suppliers; a pre-trip safety module; fully qualified Outdoor Pursuits staffwith first aid qualifications; qualified lifeguard supervising water activities; expert local knowledge; and a tailored, comprehensive insurance policy. Safety is of paramount importance to the Horizons Week team.