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Student Horizons & Pasifika Power Up for NCEA Success

Written by Jamie Wansey on September 10th, 2013.      0 comments

Student Horizons is proud to be involved in the Power Up for NCEA programme which begins this month. Power Up for NCEA is a Ministry of Education initiative which aims to inform and energise Pasifika students and families in the lead up to NCEA exams.

The Power Up for NCEA programme includes weekly events, over eight weeks at key locations in Auckland and Wellington. Student Horizons is providing resources and Under Armour clothing incentives to encourage and reward attendees at the events.

Jamie Wansey, Director of Student Horizons explains Student Horizons’ involvement “Sponsoring the Power Up for NCEA program is part of Student Horizons’ on-going involvement in community and education initiatives. Student Horizons is always seeking opportunities to reinvest in the community, and in particular encouraging sporting and academic achievement.”  

For more information on this initiative please see their website:

There is also some information below.
NCEA Powerup

What is Power UP for NCEA?

Power UP for NCEA is part of the Pasifika Power UP study programme that uses the power of our communities and channels it for a good cause – education!
The Power UP for NCEA programme runs over 8 weeks and brings Pasifika families together to prepare and learn about NCEA exams. There’s even a series of workshops for community volunteers running their own study or education initiatives.

Feel the power every week

Power UP for NCEA is a positive and friendly environment where parents, students and families can learn about NCEA. Each week you can expect:
  • Workshops for parents and community trainers
  • Examination and study tips
  • Time management
  • Expert tutoring on NCEA L2 standards
  • Assessment preparation (internal and external)
  • Careers advice
  • Inspirational success stories
  • AND ….a light meal to keep your energy levels UP! 

Power UP for NCEA Summary:

  • Power UP for NCEA is a study programme to prepare for exams
  • The programme is specifically for Pasifika parents, students and their families.
  • PowerStations are where the programme takes place such as churches, libraries or schools in your local community
  • It runs over 8 weeks with one 2-hour session per week
  • Subjects/workshops are led by qualified tutors
  • Part of the Power UP for NCEA programme is available online

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