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Student Horizons UK Gap Year Student reports back

Written by Jamie Wansey on February 11th, 2013.      0 comments

1st Month at Crosfields in the UK on my Student Horizons Gap Year

"The first month has been very eventful.  I wouldn't know where to start with experiences. The first day that we landed into the country we were out with the PE staff kicking a ball around on the fields with their friends. This was a great introduction to the school and to the love of football in the country and to be fair we haven't stopped since then. I have joined a hockey club which has widened my social life over here and given me a chance to explore the UK traveling to matches with the latest being Canterbury. The best thing for me so far has been the snow, after school being called off due to snow Rob and myself were straight out there experiencing a the rarity of snow, sledging down the hills with the staff and their children and then enjoying a nice hot chocolate when you cannot feel your fingers. Work itself has been brilliant. We have been coaching our own rugby teams since we started. As a result we have travelled away to Chandlings which is in Oxford. Coaching a team on my own has been a different experience, maintaining focus from each member and working on tactics has opened my eyes and now I have a lot more respect for the top coaches. The rugby season is coming to an end as half term approaches and then we will be into cricket season. As a new teacher/coach I have lots to learn but the staff here are great and helping us all the way."

By Warren Wild