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Student Horizons understands that sometimes schools wish to take ensembles such as choirs, concert bands and string orchestras together to an international festival, or even to experience music making in another part of the world.

Our contacts with schools all over the world, especially in the Australia, Asia, China, Europe and the USA allows us to match your school with a school of similar standard in these countries. We can tailor a tour to give your ensembles performance and workshop opportunities where they will perform to a captive audience and will have the opportunity to workshop with their host school ensembles under the direction of famous clinicians from the area.

Because of the experience of our team, we are aware of the logistics of taking large ensembles with large instruments to other countries and will factor options into our costings.

We understand that combined ensemble school music tours will mean a large number of students and therefore understand that extra teachers will need to travel. We also are experienced at arranging parent tours to complement your student tour.

Be Inspired

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