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Introduce your students to a world of educational school tours. No matter the subject taught; from STEM to the Humanities, Student Horizons will tailor-make a bespoke educational travel experience that will not only leave your students with a sense of accomplishment but also give them the foundations to think outside of the box as worldly thinkers and adventurers. We will organise your educational school tours from initial concept to departure day. Upon return a debrief to ensure our educational travel tours continue to meet the high standards expected.

All of our tailored student educational tours ensure that safety is always the number one priority. All our suppliers both local and abroad have undergone extensive risk evaluations to ensure that all our local and international educational tours meet all relevant legal and health and safety requirements. We offer 24-hour assistance and competitive insurance policies to ensure the peace of mind necessary to focus on what matters most: being inspired.

A media studies tour to the USA provides unparalleled opportunity for your students to experience the world of filmmaking, sound design, and screenwriting in the epicentre of the film industry.
Whether you are interested in offering your students opportunities to view and discuss major works of contemporary art in situ, or provide the space for making art in an exciting new environment, a visual arts tour will be a source of new inspiration for your students.
The largest concentration of masterpieces is found in collections in America and Europe, so art history tours to New York and Chicago, or Paris, Italy and London present the perfect opportunity to promote a deeper analysis of pivotal works of art.
If you’re planning a tour for your Performing Arts students, the US and London provide the perfect backdrop for your overseas development tour. Explore Shakespearean theatre in London and Stratford-upon-Avon, and catch a play or musical on London’s West End.
Travelling to the UK on an English tour is the ultimate immersion experience for students and teachers interested in Shakespeare and English literature. Opportunities abound for literary walking tours, and Stratford-upon-Avon brings Shakespeare’s hometown to life with live costumed performances and workshops at his birthplace. 
If you are aspiring to spark your students’ vision for the future, encourage them to discover the real-life applications of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through an overseas STEM Tour.
Provide opportunities for your students to discover what's behind textbook theory by taking them out of the classroom and across the globe to experience the enticing complexity of the real world of business.
A worldwide emphasis on preserving sites of historical significance in the 20th century has created a rich arena for exploring major events from the modern era. As a history teacher, you will reinforce classroom learnings and draw meaningful links to the national curriculum with one of our history school tours to Europe, the US, or Asia.
Spark students’ creativity while encouraging a critical appreciation and contextual understanding of international design in premium destinations for architecture and digital technologies such as NYC, Dubai, Singapore and the UK.
Invite your students to evaluate their perceptions of other cultural and geographical environments in the real-life context at one of our geography school trips. An overseas geography tour promotes a legitimate understanding of different cultures and environments, teaches students to embrace new perspectives and practice field work while exploring the challenging geographical issues changing our world.
Do you want to introduce your students to the top academic institutions in the world and raise their post-graduate aspirations? Visit some of the most prestigious universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, such as Princeton, Columbia, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge.

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Student Horizons educational travel tours focus on safety and education to provide a life-changing experience that will enrich your students’ lives and help them unlock their potential that will become the building blocks of their future. Get in touch today to speak to a tour development specialist to see how we can make student tours worldwide infinitely easier for you.

Educational Student Tours

Our school tours are not only fun for your students but are thoroughly researched and planned with your school’s curriculum in mind allowing your students to experience the world from outside the classroom. Step outside the textbook with an educational travel experience that your students won’t just read about, but will be able to hear, see, touch and experience first-hand. Van Gogh’s life’s work, the architectural beauty of Rome, the mysteries of Stonehenge, the Shoguns of Japan to the history of Australia. The possibilities are endless with tailored educational travel tours and educational music tours that will create lasting memories for your students through graduation and beyond.

Educational Tours Worldwide

As second-period ends and the school bell chimes for recess, books close and your students leave for their next class. Learning about the world from a textbook can at times be uninspiring. As a student, it can be hard to really understand and put yourself into the shoes of famous artists, architects, poets and visionaries. Worldwide tours provide your students the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Shakespeare, to marvel at the ancient and modern wonders of the world, to speak to the incredible minds that put humanity into space. International educational tours can be the spark that ignites a lifelong passion in your students.

At Student Horizons we offer a range of educational tours worldwide for all subjects and can tailor make international tours specific to your curriculum and educational learning requirements. Some of our popular school educational tours include: Media Studies tours to the USA to experience the world of filmmaking, visiting the largest concentration of masterpieces in the world with an Art History and Humanities tour to Europe, and Business Studies school trips and Commerce tours to Wall Street and Silicon Valley that will foster critical thinking and risk management skills in your students.