Melbourne Music Tour

Mount Albert Grammar’s music students experienced the best of Melbourne on their one-week music tour. As the cultural capital of Australia, the students were blown away by the street art and general freedom of expression that seems to take hold of the whole city. The students also had the opportunity to work with top Australian clinicians, beginning with a performance workshop run by Anneliese Gill from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, which focused on the mental and physical preparation the students need to perform at their best. They then went on to work with top lecturers at the Australian Institute of Music, participating both in practical workshops to improve their musicianship and instrumental skills, and a discussion on the diverse job opportunities that are available within the music industry.

Some sightseeing included a visit to the Melbourne Zoo, a trip to the 88th floor at the Eureka Skydeck for the best views of Melbourne, and a guided walking tour through the bustling city streets to the banks of the Yarra River. Other musical aspects of the tour included an exchange with Replay Music Academy and guided tours of the Victoria College of Arts and the Australian Institute of Music, inspiring the students to consider a future career in performance, composition, dance and theatre.

The highlight of the tour for both the staff and students was their collaboration with the students and mentors of Rock Academy Melbourne. The Mount Albert Grammar students were taken completely out of their comfort zones in a song-writing session, working with world-class musicians and song-writers. They had the opportunity to work all week at Bakehouse Studios, which is one of the most well known and loved rehearsal spaces for top musicians around the world! The students were so excited to be working all day in professional studios and making new friends, preparing for their big Friday night performance at iconic performance venue, The Central Club Hotel. All of the students from Mount Albert Grammar and the Rock Academy made their teachers and mentors incredibly proud when they performed brilliantly together in front of a huge audience. The life-long friends they have made through this exchange, along with being able to perform with other musicians their age on a world-class stage, will be an experience they remember for the rest of their lives.

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