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Cross-curriculum tours are a great way to get students joining a tour that might never have otherwise, you can combine similar subjects to destinations that offer in-depth exploration of both, or you can create a varied tour that broadens the scope of students from either discipline. St Mary’s College, Ipswich recently did just that, with a tour that sent the school choir as well as the netball and futsal team to New Zealand. The groups were able to participate in exchanges with schools, and watch and support each other as well!

We can tailor tours to your requirements, so you can be sure of a tour that will cater to each of the groups and subjects that you choose to include.

Popular destinations for cross-curriculum tours  include Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and the USA. Student Horizons will work with you and support you throughout to create an inspiring and memorable experience.

Be Inspired

The St Mary’s College Sport and Culture Tour to New Zealand was one that won’t be forgotten! 42 incredibly polite and friendly students set off to New Zealand to learn more about the New Zealand culture, play netball or futsal or sing in the choir.

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